Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Make your backyard something special

Old shed to focal point of fun

Find somewhere else for the lawnmower, rakes and shovels and let your creativity go wild with an incredible change to your old shed.  The Bar Shed, Pub Shed, Wine Shed  (whatever you decide to call it) can transform the average outdoor living space into the talk of the neighbourhood.

Party place or peaceful getaway

Shed creations are not just for man cave enthusiasts. An old shed can be decked out to create a great private getaway to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Not as expensive as you might think

A storage shed suddenly comes alive with a paint job and by cutting in a new entertainment window.

Mood lighting

Add some special lighting for late night gatherings and suddenly even the smallest garden shed becomes a strong focal point for summer fun.


Get more ideas and  tips here for giving your old shed a real lift.

Added value

When a home and yard feel inviting to buyers it adds real value to the property and a growing number of homeowners are rethinking what can be done with an old shed.

Get Jack

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