Sunday, April 10, 2016

3 things sellers need to know about home buyers

Home buyers and sellers don't always see eye to eye when it comes to the value of home.  Here are three things that often create opposite opinions on value.

The pool for a buyer, in most cases, is a love or hate addition to the home.  Many people dream of having a pool, but there are just as many buyers who find a pool far from a valuable addition.  For home owners it's important to note that if you invest in a pool, you shouldn't bank on always getting the value back when it comes time to sell.  If a pool loving buyer comes along, you've got something to motivate them to purchase your home, but that doesn't necessarily mean the buyer is willing to pay a huge difference just because you have a pool.   

Creative gardening can be a beautiful thing, but many people are not into an entire yard that has developed over the years into a garden lover's paradise.  There are many buyers who would rather have more lawn than garden, so an entire front or backyard that has evolved into an all natural growth zone can actually lower the interest in a property.  The yard can look beautiful, but not necessarily in the eyes of some buyers.  Like putting in a swimming pool, a home owner should invest in gardens fully knowing that in most cases not all of the investment can be recouped when it's time to sell.

Colour is always a personal preference, but when it comes time to sell, sometimes it makes great sense to paint over wild colours so your home is more pleasing to the largest segment of buyers. Too often sellers refuse to take this issue seriously.  The colour of the exterior and interior of a home has an enormous impact on buyers and therefore it can impact the selling price.  You normally can't go wrong investing in paint as a seller.  Failing to deal with a wildly coloured room or long overdue exterior paint job is something many buyers have a hard time accepting and most important it can have an enormous impact on buyers falling in love with a seller's home.   For a seller to just leave the painting to the buyer is something many buyers just don't agree with.

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