Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Explaining streets, avenues, boulevards, lanes & more.

As you drive around you’ll see streets, avenues, roads, lanes, courts, parkways, and more. There is a reason for those names being used and it's more than just that they sound better with whatever other name that has been attached to them.  

Here's by definition what all those names mean. 
• Road (Rd.): Can be anything that connects two points. The most basic of the naming conventions.
• Way: A small side street off a road.
• Street (St.): A public way that has buildings on both sides of it. They run perpendicular to avenues.
• Avenue (Ave.): Also a public way that has buildings or trees on either side of it. They run perpendicular to streets.
• Boulevard (Blvd.): A very wide city street that has trees and vegetation on both sides of it. There’s also usually a median in the middle of boulevards.
• Lane (Ln.): A narrow road often found in a rural area. Basically, the opposite of a boulevard.
• Drive (Dr.): A long, winding road that has its route shaped by its environment.  Often found near lakes, hills and mountains. 
• Terrace (Ter.): A street that follows the top of a slope.
• Place (Pl.): A road or street that has no throughway—or leads to a dead end.
• Court (Ct.): A road or street that ends in a circle or loop.
• Concession (Conc):  Usually one of sixteen divisions of a township, each division being 10 sq. mi. (26 sq. km) in area and containing thirty-two 200-acre lots.
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Labour costs for renovations and repairs is a nonbiased/nonaffiliated database directory of contractors, builders, construction suppliers all related to renovation, contracting, construction, building or the home building industry.

You can get a good idea of labour costs in the Province of Ontario associated with this comprehensive list of small to large renovation and construction projects.

I provide this link only as an information source to assist you in budgeting for work to be completed. It provides you with a general overview of what to expect when you get to the point of reaching out to local professionals, which I highly recommend.

Key Points To Consider
1) It's always best to get several quotes.

2) Cheapest isn't always your best option.  

3) Ask for references.  is designed to give you an estimate on a wide range of labour costs. Labour costs can vary according to region, but a low to high range is provided on the list found here.  

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First time buyers get a bigger tax break

To help Ontarians buy their first home, the Province of Ontario will double the maximum refund for first-time homebuyers from $2,000 to $4,000, effective January 1, 2017.  (Ontario Ministry of Finance-Land Transfer Tax)

Currently, no Land Transfer Tax is payable on the first $227,500 of the value of consideration for a first home. The value of consideration for residential properties is typically the purchase price of the property and is the amount used for calculating LTT payable.

The Ontario Real Estate Association had asked the government to expand the land-transfer tax rebate program for first-time buyers as one way to help more people accomplish their dream of getting into the housing market.
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