Friday, September 27, 2013

Kill A Watt

No surprise that large appliances like dryers and ranges consume the most electricty, but you might be surprised to discover that smaller things in your household especially units that draw "phantom power" can add considerably to your monthly power bill. There is a way to track down the power hogs within your houseold. .
Inexpensive electricity usage monitors are available like this "Kill A Watt" which shows how much things plugged in are actually using. These monitors come in various prices, but for as little as $30 you can more effectively monitor and discover where wasted energy is going.
The monitor plugs into the wall and then the appliance is plugged into the socket which shows the power the unit draws over a period of time. No need to keep the monitor plugged in so you only need one and move it from appliance to appliance over time to get an idea of where your energy dollars are being consumed