Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's sad when I see a person/couple paying as much or more for rent than they would for a mortgage payment all because of the many additional costs associated with getting into a home. There are many who can afford a monthly mortgage payment, but they just don't have the necessary funds for everything else that faces them to secure the mortgage and to pay for the additional costs associated with the purchase.

As Ontario voters go to the polls in the provincial election, the Ontario Real Estate Associatio's (OREA) “Home Ownership Matters” campaign is promoting greater support for affordable home ownership to candidates, political parties and key decision makers.  What's more, OREA has made it so easy for you to express your concern to local candidates with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Ontario’s home owners and those who one day dream of owning a home are not always top of mind with our friend’s at Queen’s Park. From the Land Transfer Tax to the HST, provincial governments have made life more expensive for Ontario’s home owners. We can stop this trend but "Home Ownership Matters" needs your help.

It only takes two minutes.  Your personal information will appear in a pre-written letter to candidates running in your riding. You can make changes to the letter to perhaps tell your personal story if you want or just submit the pre-written letter, but once you’ve reviewed it all just click ‘Submit’ to send it to your local candidates.

Let’s make affordable home ownership an issue in the 2011 Ontario election. Tell your local candidates that “Home Ownership Matters” by clicking here: and sending an email to your local candidates.  I just did it.  Will you?

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