Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's with the refrigerator?

Often when showing a house, it amazes me how all eyes seem to turn to the refrigerator.  It could be the most spectacular home on the market, but if the fridge isn't stainless steel and big, we're locking the door and moving on to the next showing.

The stainless steel kitchen is a hot attraction for many, but it's interesting that those that have stainless steel appliances don't necessarily feel the same excitement any longer as those that don't have stainless steel appliances.  I think it has something to do with kids and paw marks.  

Besides the shiny surface, the SIZE of a refrigerator is very, very important.  This is becoming as serious as the size of the TV screen.  I used to be concerned if the second shelf of our refrigerator would hold a milk jug, but now many believe the second shelf should be big enough to hold a entire dairy cow.

The fridge is such a big thing right now that I really think it should be the first line in any real estate advertisement, even if the home doesn't come with appliances.  ("ATTENTION HOME BUYERS.  ALTHOUGH THIS HOME COMES WITH NO APPLIANCES IT HAS A FRIDGE HOLE BIG ENOUGH FOR ANY SUPER SIZED ICE BOX- SHINY OR NOT.")

I have to share a little story with you to prove that I'm not out to lunch when talking about the importance of refrigerators.  Manufacturers know what I'm talking about and they have developed a fridge for the home that costs more than my first house.

Our first house cost us $30,000.  I thought we'd died and gone to heaven to own (or the bank to own and have us try to pay for) a $30,000 home.  However, I came across this refrigerator that cost's over $40,000.

Take a peek because behind the doors of this baby is a homebuyer waiting to sign on the dotted line.