Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Surprising tips for a lush lawn

I was reading an article from the research people at Consumer Reports that said a lush lawn isn’t hard to have.  I don't totally agree with that blanket statement, but here's a few tips on your quest for the best lawn in the neighbourhood.  What is interesting about these tips is that many start with your lawn mower.

Keep your blade sharp: Sharpening your mower’s blade at the start of the season, and three to four times throughout the season, will ensure cleaner cuts and less stress to the grass.

Use your mulch setting rather than bag your clippings:  Let the clippings provide nutrients to the grass instead of just throwing them away. The clippings also provide a little extra shade.

Keep your mower’s deck clear of buildup: Grass clippings will stick to the inside of your mower’s deck and reduce airflow, which makes it difficult to cut taller grass cleanly.

Raise your mower deck up to at least three inches: Taller grass has deeper roots, and deeper roots are able to collect more of the natural moisture in the ground. Taller grass also better shades the soil beneath it, reducing evaporation.

In addition to these mower suggestions most lawn care professionals think these are also vital for a great lawn.

Water less often and more thoroughly for best results:  The average lawn requires 1 to 1.5 inches of moisture weekly.  This is enough to moisten the soil 4 to 6 inches below the surface.  Too much water can actually damage your lawn. 

Use the right fertilizer and fertilize four times annually:  Read the instructions on the fertilizer bag to ensure you are using the right fertilizer for the time of the season, but ensure your lawn gets the food it needs. You know what you feel like when you miss a meal.  Missing a lawn feeding can reduce the chances of you getting a lush lawn down the road.

Remove the weeds:  Easier said than done for most of us, but removing weeds a few at a time and reseeding bare spots will eventually pay off on your journey to a great lawn.

Enjoy your summer!