Saturday, January 21, 2017

Should you do something with the floors?

Creating a WOW factor in a home goes along way to providing a faster sale for the seller and normally a higher selling price.  Flooring (or at least good looking flooring) can be one of the things to create the wow factor. 

Expense or great investment?

Hardwood without a doubt is what most home buyers are looking for, so this is an area to give careful consideration to if planning for a future sale. Installing hardwood or even some of the great looking laminate flooring on the market, is often what flippers do to get the highest return for their investment. Home owners should also consider this when it comes time to sell.

Older homes often have rough looking hardwood or hardwood floors covered by carpet.  Buyers often look for this opportunity of hidden value in a home, but sellers should also recognize the hidden value they have by sometimes restoring the old hardwood floors before selling.

The bonus of refinishing hardwood 

It is amazing how many times I've been with buyers and we end up lifting floor registers to take a peak at what's under the carpet.  When hardwood is spotted under the carpet the word from a buyer's mouth is often, WOW!  Take the time to have a professional look at your tired looking or hidden hardwood floors and get a quote on refinishing.  Refinishing your old hardwood floors might be one of the best investment to make.

Be an informed seller.

Flooring can be expensive, but it should also be looked at as an investment with a potential huge return.  I would be happy to discuss a listing price for your home with or without refinishing your old hardwood floors or perhaps what installing new flooring could do to change the listing and potential selling price. 
Be an informed seller.  Talk is cheap (in fact it's free) so GetJack and  let's talk!


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